Health & wellbeing
through gardens & nature

By growing friendships, motor skills and confidence, we weed out anxiety and feelings of isolation.

Lemon Balm gets people gardening through structured programmes that achieve results. We not only create capable gardeners, we also help develop social skills, improve mobility, increase agility, and meet other agreed outcomes.

Learn about our approach

We believe nature is essential for wellbeing, that gardening is good for body and mind

This idea drives our work. It’s a belief that’s rational and evidence-based, shaped by academic research as well as our own experience.

Gardening is good for the mind

Gardening makes you feel good. Understanding the needs of a garden helps us understand our own needs.

Gardening is good for the body

Our work is carefully tailored to get people active, whatever their level of fitness and mobility.

There’s more to a successful garden than seeds, soil & water

Lemon Balm is led by professionals with qualifications in social and therapeutic horticulture, garden design, forest schools and volunteer management.

Trained by Occupational Therapists, our approach and outcomes are evidence-based and rigorous.

Our approach is proven

We’ve been putting our ideas into practice since 2015. See the case studies below to find out more about what we’ve done.

Case study 1: Love Meanwood project Case study 2: Mistress lane project


of people who attended our pilot programme in Leeds said their mood had improved as a result of our work.